TRE-3PO Deluxe Large Size Wood Figure

Please note: This is a pre-order item that will ship out within 3-5 weeks of your order. Each figure is made to order.

The Power of the Forest DELUXE Large Size TRE-3PO (Tree Threepio) figure is hand-crafted entirely out of laser-cut maple wood, and is detailed with small metal hardware. Arms and head are attached with strong magnets so they can rotate. Much more detail than my original 3.75" figure, and this one is just under 8" tall.

Limited edition of only 12 figures to be made!

Each figure comes in a custom designed box that is inspired by the original Kenner large figure packaging. Hidden under the box flap is the unique edition number which matches the laser-etched number under the foot of each figure. Additionally, a hand numbered and signed greeting letter is included for each buyer.

A tribute to my favorite action figure line from the 1980’s! Other Power of the Forest DELUXE figures are in development.

There are subtle variations in wood grain, metal patina and finish quality. These “imperfections” are what make each of my figures unique.

Warning: My wood figures are intended for adult collectors only. They contain small parts and magnets that could be dangerous to children and pets. Ages 14+