Hardwood Record Player - Miniature Art Object

Image of Hardwood Record Player - Miniature Art Object
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Based on old-school turntables of the early 1980’s, my hardwood miniature evokes the tactile experience of playing vinyl albums. Authentically scaled and detailed, each record player is hand crafted from oak and walnut with steel, aluminum and exotic yellowheart accents. The wood is sealed to bring out the natural warmth and grain. My 1980who logo is carefully etched into the back.

There are subtle variations in wood grain, metal patina and finish quality. These “imperfections” are what make each of my models unique and beautiful. No moving or functional parts.

Dimensions: Width 4” Height 1” Depth 3.25”

Comes to you packaged in a simple and attractive box that is suitable for gift giving.

Warning: My wood miniatures are not toys and are intended for adult collectors. They contain small parts that could be dangerous to children and pets.